Pharmacy of your choice


The prescription is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and is bound with the Subsidiary Legislation 458.34 in accordance with the Prescription Forms for Free Medicinals. Patient needs to have a valid Schedule V so that medicinals and ancillary devices may be prescribed against active entitlement. The user will have a complete view of patient’s historical prescriptions which are registered electronically.

Check for Interactions

Through this module, checking for drug to drug interaction can take place. This will assist in prescribing medicinals to the patients. It uses AI to streamline the latest consolidated drug evidence. The interactions will be checked against the age and gender of the dummy patient, together with the inputted medical items. The interactors include different types of severity levels such as standard, moderate and major and shall be displayed on screen. Upon navigating towards the interaction, different types of monographs will have separate information relating to Warnings and Clinical Management Information, together with the Watson Chatbot assistant that shall aid in the process. Its use is at the doctor’s discretion.